I am licensed to practice psychology in the District of Columbia (#1000563). I am also licensed to practice psychology in the state of Maryland (#04463).

Training and Credentials:

I have been practicing psychotherapy for over a decade. Part of my training and credentials consist of:

  • B.A. in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (Magna Cum Laude).
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University (Summa Cum Laude).
  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Health Psychology from Spalding University (Summa Cum Laude).
  • Completing a Pre-Doctoral internship, where I worked with military veterans at the North Chicago VA Medical Center.
  • Post-Doctoral training, working with patients who had sleeping disorders, chronic medical conditions, and substance abuse disorders. This training took place in a community mental health center.
  • Spending six years working with patients who were suffering from ADHD, learning disorders, and anxiety disorders.
  • Conducting scores of psycho-educational assessments.
  • Receiving training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy (Summer 2014).

I specialize in working with adults who are living with anxiety disorders, ADHD, and issues of adjustment. The purpose of my work is to help clients have more productive and satisfying work lives, as well as working to help them highlight and reach their goals. I currently hold individual and couple’s therapy appointments in my Washington DC office, which is within walking distance from the DuPont Circle Metro Station.

The training that I have received – both through university coursework and hands-on experience – has helped me acquire the skills and knowledge that are necessary to provide therapy to clients; this therapy allows me to help my clients address a variety of situations and concerns that they may have. My clients seek out therapy for many different reasons; some are having issues connecting with their family and friends, others are dealing with depression, many are struggling with anxiety, while some are having trouble with transitioning in life. I have had many clients who seek my services so they can find a better them, which requires that they truly understand themselves. Regardless of why my clients come to me for therapy, I make it a point to listen to them, engaging with my clients throughout the entire therapy process, offering my support every step of the way.

Goals that I Have Set for my Clients

It is my job to help my clients move forward with their personal goals, which allows them to live a fuller life. Through my services, I hope that you will improve your relationships, and deal with any anxiety issues you may be suffering from.

Psychotherapy is an art. Through this art, we can open the door to a world of possibilities, each allowing you to have a more creative, fuller, and engaging life.

If you would like to schedule your free initial phone appointment, contact the office of Dr. Imran Riaz today at (202) 567-1065. I will help you get the therapy you deserve in order to live a richer and fuller life.

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